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In the 21st century where everybody is trying to expand their own business to a new level, and they are also in a hurry to get the 1st position in the search engine. In that case, the SEO industry plays a major role in helping out such firms or businesses. NYSO is considered to be one of the best SEO company in Gurgaon, as they have proved themselves to be the pioneers in the SEO industry. 

search engine optimization

The online proven tactics have helped many businesses/ firms to float their brands in 360 dimensions. Though now you know the basics of SEO; but are you aware what are the services are actually provided in SEO. To know more about the services, read below.

Let us know what we provide you to promote your brand –

  1. Evaluating your business / Site Analysis – We generally start by analysing your site before developing & implementing a new SEO strategy. We take care of your web page ranking & structure of the content by evaluating certain factors like keywords density, site’s code. We will help you to target the right audience and business goals before making an SEO plan.
  2. Developing SEO strategy & Goals – After an in-depth analysis of your site, we will help you to develop SEO campaigns as per you’re your business requirements & goals. This strategy will basically target identifying the right keywords or phrase on the basis of the target audience. Online proven tactics can help to increase your visibility and develop a customised plan for your site.
  3. Setting up of SEO tools – There is a number of SEO tools available in the market, which is best suited for your business; we will help to identify it and also set up the tools. We will determine the tools, dashboards or analytics software; before you start executing the SEO campaigns. Continuous monitoring of tools or dashboards will be done by our SEO experts. Suggesting a right tool for implementing right SEO strategy will ensure you that you make most out of your SEO tools.
  4. Optimization- Once the SEO strategy is planned out and tools are in place; then we will start executing optimized strategy. Firstly, we will start with ON –PAGE OPTIMIZATION, this will include cleaning of backend codes and making the site more mobile friendly. Not only this we will structure the content of your website and compile the correct keywords as per the target audience.
  5. On-going Search Engine Optimization – We help you in making google –friendly sites as Google will continuously keep on evaluating your SEO strategies as per its algorithm. A continuous SEO service will make your site visible in all the search engines. Further services include keyword search, blogs writing, link –building services and also ON –PAGE OPTIMIZATION.


  1. Technical Mark Up – Capturing the right essence of your business with the right technical SEO approach. The technical SEO will include meta –descriptions, page titles etc, this will form the best perception in front of customers. We will give the users a taste of information which forms the vital part of SEO service.
  2. Content Marketing – Content is the ultimate king, we will help in creating and sharing relevant content online. The main goal is to increase the leads and generate more traffic over the site. We will help in producing blogs, written content in videos, whitepapers, FAQS etc. Sharing the relevant content over the social media platforms; this can help you to generate inbound leads.
  3. Link –building – in order to beat the competition; there is a need to create a link which will ultimately help to build brand loyalty. Usage of back-links is the important key aspect of a digital strategy; we will do all this for you.

I hope now you are aware of our SEO services and we revolve in 360 degrees in providing the best SEO strategy to make visibility in any search engine.  

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Learn What is SEO?

You might have heard this term more often in business meetings or probably in marketing agencies, by hearing this term you might have formed many questions as well as doubts regarding SEO. Now, let us try to learn and understand what actually SEO is and how it can help you to generate leads?

what is seo

Let’s get started! SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As per Wikipedia definition, it is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in web search engine’s unpaid results- which is often referred as natural, organic or earned results.

In a broader context, Search Engine optimisation is a process of optimizing any online content where the search engine shows as a top result for searching a certain keyword. For your easier understanding let me give you an example – there is a search engine, searcher and you are also there, suppose you have written an article on “Mumbai’s Kohlapuri”; so the search engine will search all the phrases having the mentioned word.

How does it work?

The search engine is able to present a result with the help of spiders and help to seek out the information by investigating; later on, choosing the higher quality that fits the search. Search Engine works on an algorithm and there are other factors which determine the ranking of your website or any online content. For crisp learning, if the link of your website is at 35th position, but with the best SEO tactics, there’s a possibility to spot at the 1st position.

Why should we learn SEO?

Importance of SEO, If this question is in your mind still, then after reading it will clear your doubt as there are many benefits linked with SEO ranking. You can get the 1st position of visibility as compared to other website links.  Below are the most important points why it is important to be first.

1. Content is the king if you are excellent at writing and others feel it is a worth reading content; then it can give a lot of popularity amongst others and also make you feel all the hard work in a short period of time.

2. If you gain a lot of popularity then there are high chances that many people will click on your link and in this way you can earn a lot of money.

I hope now you know why it is important to be at the higher rank.

What are the various structures of SEO?

Basically, there are two types of structure in SEO, mentioned below-

1. ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION – In on page SEO, it is a process of optimizing your own web page or in your article so that the spiders can analyse and help to rank your web page higher. This will also help to earn more and more traffic on your web page.

2.OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION – Some other factors are there which helps to influence the positioning of your article. This might include the popularity on social media platforms and also the quality of content matters a lot.

What are these SEO Algorithms?

There are some algorithms which help to generate the organic traffic, gives you some updates and also increase your website ranking higher.

Some of the algorithms are mentioned below:-

1.Panda – Panda filters out the spammed and low-quality content of an online web page. It also filters out the plagiarised content as well as keywords stuffing.

2.Penguin – It’s a part of google core ranking algorithms and it down ranks the unnatural links which are coming from spammed sites.

3.Hummingbird – This algorithm basically interprets search queries and filters out the matching keywords stuffing.

4.Pigeon – This algorithm targets poorly optimised pages and those web pages which has the same SEO factors to rank in local/ non-local Google results.

5. Mobile Friendly Update – This algorithm ensures that pages are optimised for mobile devices and improper viewpoint configuration is filtered out.

6.RankBrain – This is basically a machine learning system algorithm which finds out the exact meaning behind all the queries related features and also filters out the poor user experience.

Other factors which influence SEO:

1.    Choose a platform which is easy to use as well as suitable for your firm and you can apply your SEO strategies. Go for WordPress as it has got a number of plugins, widgets, and apps which is compatible with the platform.

2.    A second most important strategy is to have your own domain, which will build a brand trust amongst the audience and also help to promote your brand.

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Importance Of SEO Services

We all are living in this digital world, where everything has become digitized. If you do not use digital platforms in order to make your presence in the market, then you are left behind in terms of sales. Nowadays, you can see that B2C consumers are making a lot of dominance in the online world, just because they used search engine optimization services in the right way.

search engine optimization

Modern Consumers takes the internet as the integral part of their day to day activities; many users use the internet in order to shop things online or to learn about products/business available.

Many brands and business are in need of SEO in order to incur benefits from SEO work which is being implemented to increase the visibility in the search engine.

Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and also help increase the traffic to the next level.

1.    Build Trust & Credibility – SEO creates a strong foundation in order to develop a google friendly website with an effective user experience such that your website is easily discoverable on the search engine. Establishing an authority with some of the elements like back linking, positive user behaviour and optimizing the content of the ON-PAGE website. These authorities will ultimately establish brand value and build trust among the customers.

2.    Increase Website Traffic – The most vital part of any business is to increase their leads through organic search as it will help to get users for engagement or conversion. Google is the largest search engine as it forms a larger portion of the search market as compared to other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others. It is quite clear that Google is the most visited website in the world and most of the people across the globe visits this search engine at least once a day.

3.    Best ROI in terms of advertising – There are many businesses or firms who spend a lot of money on designing a website without giving importance to SEO. But SEO is one such marketing strategy which will allow to market to people with the help of Google Ads. A powerful marketing tool which is responsible for driving a majority of traffic directly to a website if you can run online ad campaigns on your site.

4.    Business Visibility – If you are not the on page 1, then you are not getting the click which is very important for any businesses to show their brand presence. There is a reason to always be at the top position, if searchers don’t click on your website then you get no leads and ultimately there is no business. That is why it is quite SEO is quite important.

5.    Cheap Marketing Strategy – SEO is basically a great business investment as it is quite cheap and the payoff is quite considerable in terms of benefits which you can incur from SEO services. Good implementation of SEO can hold the value of your brand for many years.

Implementation of quality SEO can create strong brand awareness amongst the customers which can be very beneficial for your business and also one of the best online marketing strategies. I hope now you can understand the importance of SEO services in the “new digital age”; thereby also helping to grow your business to the next level. 

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