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NYSO specializes to offer professional mobile application development services in India and abroad, to create quality mobile applications. Committed to deliver the best in the iOS, Windows, Android, and Hybrid application space, we are able to develop bespoke apps that cater unique needs of businesses. We aim to enhance capabilities of our clients’ enterprise that bring high-end mobile app developments.

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NYSO provides a wide spectrum of best mobile app development services and solutions:

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NYSO provides a wide spectrum of best mobile app development services and solutions:


Additional Business Value
Once you have crossed our doorway, our R& D experts are equipped to go additional mile to completely grasp your idea and ensure we recognise what users want truly. We work closely with your investors to develop a mobile app that advances with your business and users, whatsoever challenge comes our way.


Complete UI and UX Expertise
We like your mobile application to stand out at initial glimpse, reflect your brand individuality, and deliver experiences that attract users. We follow the do’s and don’ts from Apple and Google to create designs that are easy to accept and a desire to use.


100% Accuracy
Not only are you fully efficient on the project status, but also your response is critical to the constant perfection of your mobile solution. Our team employs regular reports, email updates, video calls, and on-site visits to deliver all your ideas.


Fast Result
To assist you beat the competition, we aim to bridge the gap between your idea and an unbeatable solution. A complete package of our mobile app development services with fast prototyping and clear process allows you to dynamically engage in the project and make smarter product decisions from day one.


Mobile Testing Automation
Our QA team holds a data-driven method to recognise when automated testing can assist
you to cut time-to-market and costs, and significantly advance quality of your mobile application. To do it happen, we take a test lab with 50+ mobile devices and our own automation agenda that can flawlessly integrate into your plan and bring fast results.


To allow business processes and data exchange, NYSO develops a mobile application that
can be combined with other techniques in place, while leaving room for additional integrations, be it your internal system or a third-party service.

Ideation and Strategy

  • Business case assessment
  • Market and competition analysis
  • R&D, and practicality analysis
  • Confirmation of concept execution
  • Safety and scalability blueprints, with GDPR compliance
  • Native vs. cross-platform consultation
  • Complete cost of ownership assessment
  • Monetization and ROI approaches