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Why does email marketing remain relevant as the preferred marketing method?

Social media usage is common in today’s world but when it comes to marketing, nothing can beat the enthusiasm of email marketing. Even though social media is fast becoming popular for reaching customers, the overall preference is still for Email. Here’s why:

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Effortless Communication

Email marketing does not have the complications of conventional marketing approaches. There was no inclusion of printing, postage, and labelling – that meant being able to send thousands of messages in minutes.

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Personalized Connections

Define it further than standard greeting or farewell messages. Emails include various forms of marketing that can have personalized codes for desired discounts, offers and even birthday messages which ultimately enhances customer relations.


Data-Driven Decisions

In email marketing, detailed reports on the performance of a campaign are made available to help in identifying what the audience is receptive to. It is recommended to USE this data to improve one’s strategy and guarantee the best outcome.


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Customers Check Email for Deals

A recent study shows that a whopping 44% of the people are likely to look at promotions in the email as compared to the mere 4% as seen on social media.

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Boost Sales and Save Money

Email marketing is among the most profitable marketing techniques that reward marketers with a high ROI. Email marketing achieved up to 12 times the ROI than other marketing methods of getting new customers while making repeat sales. 


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Massive Reach and Engagement

With the internet as a platform, you can reach 92% of internet users via email. Moreover, 72% of users always log in to check their inbox several times a day, thus the high level of interaction is expected.

NYSO’s Email Marketing Campaign Services

Brand Communication Solutions That Secure More Customers

NYSO guarantees each of our services responds to clients’ requirements and their marketing budget. We offer the following variety of targeted email marketing services based on your email marketing strategy and plans. Our email services cover:

Email Marketing Management

In need of a professional team to design a bright, inviting email marketing eCommerce newsletter that will keep your target audience informed of current stock and deals? We execute, strategize and analyze Shopify email marketing and other programmes for eCommerce to convert more clicks into sales.

Email Newsletters Services

Remind your customers and prospects about your brand promotions, products, and other marketing campaigns through NYSO’s Email Newsletter. For being one of the best email marketing service providers, we offer an affordable price for email newsletter service in which all the technical procedures will be handled by us.

Tailored Email Campaigns

Different from other email companies, we deploy and organize focused business e-mail advertising campaigns in view of your marketing objectives. Our team suggests the RSS-to-email feed that sends audience updates from your blog. We also create powerful automation with conditional follow-up emails about the stage of the funnel our recipients are in.

Email List Management

Email blasts could lead you to the spam folder if you do not adopt the right approach. Do not allow this to be the case for your company. What we do is divide your audience lists to make sure that we send the correct email message to the right subscribers. We segment messages to your recipients depending on characteristics like age, user action, and gender.

Campaign Tracking and Analytics

Certain email companies may engage in email marketing to their clients and do not monitor the outcomes. Here at NYSO, we constantly strive to make you get the best email marketing service we can offer. The email marketing consultant employs the use of email blast software to test the effectiveness of your newsletter and determine any problems with its layouts, as well as monitor your campaign’s progress.

Are you prepared to deepen the relationships with your clients and bring the sales into orbit? It is here where our email marketing agency can be of service. Know how our tailored initiatives will help your brand stand out!


More importantly, email marketing enables the NYSO to directly reach out to its subscribers informing them of the next performances, educational material, special offers, among others to create a communion.

The NYSO can leverage email for various campaigns: concert previews, season ticket sales, information regarding composers and pieces, pleas for donations, and polls in order to reach an understanding with the audience.


Yes, Categorization facilitates personalization of the emails to be sent to the fans. For instance, informing recipients about family concerts within a group of subscribers who have children or advertising chamber orchestras to those who are interested in smaller formations.


There are many strategies which can help to achieve a high open rate: A few of the tips to pass the first test include: creating attractive and relevant subject lines, using recipient’s name and address, next to the mailing list, timing of the email among others.

Know how to capture the interest of your target audience directly.

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