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Envision an incredible show, one that goes down with the script, as it leaves everyone with a cascade of wonderful memories that will echo into eternity once the last note has been sung. At NYSO Event Planning & Execution, you want your dream and our vision to come alive; every process orchestrated like the conductor of an orchestra. To begin planning your event with us, please contact NYSO today and We will schedule a meeting to help define your event objectives.

Powering Impactful Events - Strategic Planning & Flawless Execution

Event Planning Agency

End-to-End Planning & Execution

We offer professional planning, coordination and control throughout the entire process from the idea to the final assessment of the event.

Event Companies Near Me

Customized Event Marketing

We create specific campaigns and develop event specific websites to ensure the intended clients get reached.


Sophisticated Logistics Management

We provide solutions for all your requirements you need for your event; ranging from venue to A/V equipment, IT rentals, transportation, and many more.

Event Organising Company

Streamlined Vendor Negotiation

We obtain the highest value from the hotels as well as technology suppliers and other third-party providers.

Corporate Event Management

Continuing Education & Training Credits

We make sure that each attendee is given proper acknowledgment and credit for their contribution as it is important.


Seamless Virtual & On-Site Events

Stand out from the digital noise with stunning presentations for both online and offline conferences.

NYSO’s Event Planning & Execution Services

Position Your Event for Success!

Discover high quality services and excellent event management. It has been a long time for us, and we are dedicated to work on your vision and make it perfect through professionalism. We take care of every aspect of the event management process and guarantee every moment to go smoothly and remarkable for your audience.

Corporate Events

NYSO is one of the best event management companies that specializes in meeting the corporate events needs of this world. Take business meetings, board of directors’ sessions or other corporate events: our staff guarantees thorough preparation and perfect staging. We handle everything from choosing the appropriate location to oversee and execute every detail of meetings, and conferences to meet your corporate goals and mission, in a professional and inviting manner.

Product Launches

Introduce your new product to the market with an optimized plan using our professional services at NYSO. In this field, we are developing an unforgettable and effective event that will capture consumers’ attention now of the product launch. Our team takes care of the concept development, selection of the appropriate location to launch your product, media relations, as well as the audience interaction to guarantee your product has a successful market entry in the market.

Conferences & Seminars

NYSO has the primary function of arranging conferences and seminars as well as developing opportunities in the field for professionals to learn and connect. A list of responsibilities can include speakers, attendees, accommodation and venue bookings and any technical support. The company’s focus and efficiency guarantee the host’s event a successful and memorable series of events or a day in the case of a one-day event.

Gala Dinners & Award Ceremonies

NYSO is here to help bring you the perfect event for your night. We design and plan beautiful and unique ceremonies dedicated to successes and appreciable milestones. From creating the theme for an occasion, to choosing the venue for the occasion, to selecting entertainment and food for the occasion, we make certain that each aspect of your occasion is arranged to make your occasion as refined and enjoyable as possible.

Team Building Activities

NYSO offers fun and productive team-building activities for the employees that will help improve team unity and spirits. We offer detailed and tailored services that involve the creation and planning of events that foster teamwork within your employees. Our activities include outdoor physical activities, indoor creative tasks, and many more activities all geared towards enhancing the organization productivity.


NYSO guarantees the success of an event with a proper plan, hard work, time, effort, and most importantly a team of professional staff. We keep engaging with our clients to determine their objectives and orchestrate timely events that inspire awe, ten years’ experience begets us.

Some of the company goals include safety, thereby making safety a top priority in NYSO. For all the shows, we take measures like compliance with safety standards, conducting risk analysis, and putting into consideration precaution measures. The event staff is responsible for the proper management of the emergency and maintaining the safety of all participants.

NYSO ensures that they address any changes or emergencies that may arise at the last minute. Our team has contingencies in place and all our staff follows protocol rules to quickly respond and cover up the loophole, which may occur to mess up the planned event.

Our competitors cannot match the level of detail we pay to our work, or the care we take in attending to each of our clients’ specific needs. We respect the objectives of every event for the purpose of achieving each goal and make sure that these are accomplished in the best possible way. We have had a successful history of conducting different events and this reassures our aim of producing quality and professionalism.

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