Your Job Is To Visually Tell The Story – 6 Things Clients Look For in a Video Production Company

Video production is an important technical and creative skill, desired by every business that opts for any form of marketing today, largely digital.

When it comes to hiring a video production company, there are a few things clients keep in mind to ensure not only a great experience before and after the production process but also stronger returns on their investment. While other factors are subjective, one mandatory requirement for any patron is the originality of the concept of the video delivered.

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Video Production

6 Things Clients Look For in a Video Production Company

1. You Do The Job, I Sign The Cheque

Clients are smart and want to delegate their job smartly. Most of them would outsource the video production job to an agency, which projects themselves as full service. The underlined rule for this job is taking care of the entire process from the scratch; be it scriptwriting, casting and location scout, technical team support, creative direction, obtaining licenses and permit and so on.

A full-service production company is commonly preferred by clients since the only thing they have to do in the deal is said yes or no to the idea proposed and sign a cheque at the end.

2. Demo Vs Real

You may create some of the best demos to acquire the contract, nonetheless, clients can see through what merely meets their eye. The decision maker is more interested in seeing the real finished product to understand what final video results would look like. A great website demonstrating your work is ideal for your clients to have a live view of the volume of work you have done thus far.

3. All Clients Do Not Have Luxury Of Time

Timelines are a crucial factor while outsourcing the job. While quality surpasses all other dynamics, delivery as per commitment cannot be neglected either. It is often understood, that clients are happy to get a completion date, which is realistic than an over-commitment, which may only lead to disappointment at a later stage.

4. What Is My ROI as Business Head?

Marketing budget today is monitored in-depth and every penny spent is accountable by the business. The questions asked by professionals who sanction the plan for videos is not just ‘Why Do I Need Them’, but also ‘How Will I Monetize Them’? As a corporate event planner or a video production house, you should be able to demonstrate the tangible and intangible value of your product.

5. Newer Technology

Clients are interested to understand various technical aspects of the product such as different sound elements your video might have to include: be it dialogues to sound effects, or soft music in the background and also voiceovers.

Visual effects too are scrutinized as an integral aspect of video production since tech effects overtake cinematic manipulation in contrast to real performance or direction.

6. Editing

Editing is the stage where you can make or break your video. Customers may not understand the methodological process, but surely have a sense of a cohesive storyline. You may have acquired the best footages, but connecting the dots need to be carefully executed as well.

Remember you’re only as good as your references. When pitching or presenting a video production, it’s best to provide a compelling case backed by data, trends, case studies, references, and examples. This also helps manage expectations on quality levels, the scope of visuals and duration. If you are looking out for some exclusive deals, NYSO, a corporate event organizer in Gurgaon can help you put up a great comprehensive package.

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