Event Marketing Is The Enthusiasm You Pass Onto Your Customer – Check Out The Top Trends for 2019

Global communication today is much easier and less expensive; however, since the target audiences are defined, it may fail to address the unique aspirations and concerns of several recipients. Event Marketing is a growing communication tool that will lead the conventional way in 2019.

To begin with, it is important not to ignore the cultural and economic trends, even if current businesses include globalization and cost pressures that affect both the industry and clients worldwide. Some of these trends force most companies to reexamine their businesses, focusing on their core markets while staying ahead of the competition by seeking out new business niches.

Event Marketing – Check Out The Top Trends for 2019

Planners and venues today are no strangers to technology. Corporate event management companies in Gurgaon are embracing innovative event management tools, and with good reason. Several studies indicate that using event technology can substantially enhance the attendance and productivity by nearly 20% and 27% respectively while reducing the costs as much by 30%.

Innovation and creativity are top two parameters for any event-marketing planners in the current scenario. The location and layout of the venue play an important role as it stamps the invitee’s attention with the first impression. There is no denying that there has been a continued shift from formal settings to ones that are focused on more interaction, more conversation, and engagement amongst attendees. 

Crowdsourcing has become highly popular, resulting in engaging events. Settings have moved away from stadiums and convention centers, into pop-up spaces and other non-traditional locations. Over the last couple of years, event marketing convention has begun to see an increase in experiential marketing as a part of the publicity mix trend.

  • Unusual Venues

The trend of choosing non-traditional and unexpected venues is still in, and very much popular in 2019 as well. It’s considered more trendy to host events in the malls, hangars, or public places, such as parks, libraries or piers of a waterfront of coastal cities, instead of hotel ballrooms. Historical venues too are adding their cultural touch by becoming unique backdrops for many events. Other options could be abandoned factories, aerodromes and art galleries based on people’s desire to learn and create. Corporate event organizer in Gurgaon pursues to combine art and entertainment at such unique settings in the capital as well across India.

  • Facial Recognition Experience

Technology rules at any event in 2019 and invitees are surprised to get themselves registered through a facial recognition past various devices. The check-in and registration become much quicker while they are absolutely secure considering the privacy of the guest lists. Improve your social media reach too by using facial recognition in tagging people in photos from your event.

  • Co-Create

It’s passé when guests would turn up at events, enjoy and leave.
The trend in 2019 is certainly to create a distant memory as all crave for more personal and tailored experiences. Expect to see a lot more of this playing out in the real world, with brands jumping onboard to create brand experiences that allow the audience to decide how the event plays out.

  • Immersive Brand Pop-Ups

Don’t wait for your audience to come to you. Instead, take your brand to them. Immersive pop-ups have the potential to build a thoughtful connection between brands and events that integrate your audience’s various passions and interests.

Many times, these pop-ups involve some cooperation between two or more brands looking to reach the same audience for different reasons. As a result, they tend to make typically singular experiences more immersive and integrated effectively.

Thus the year 2019 is totally dependent on both the event planners alongside the consumers who co-partner in making the occasion a grand affair. It is all about priorities that click and trends that ride the waves successfully.

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